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The Social Entrepreneurship Landscape: Leader To Leader

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Presenter: Pamela Hawley

Subject: Economic Development, Fundraising, Leadership, Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, Social Entrepreneurship

Presented in: 2006

Social entrepreneur Pamela Hawley describes her trials and successes in creating UniversalGiving, an organization that matches volunteers and donors with international NGOs. Hawley discusses her philosophy for approaching potential funding sources, and outlines activities that anyone starting a social entrepreneurial project must undertake. These include conducting due diligence, creating an advisory board, and obtaining advance funding. Hawley concludes by presenting the UniversalGiving website, and describes how typical projects are managed. She identifies some of the organization’s key clients and major accomplishments.

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  • Post-production audio engineer: Robb Lepper
  • Website editor: Sean O’Steen
  • Series producer: Liz Evans