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Introduction to Fundraising Planning (Part 2)

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Presenter: Scott Ullman

Subject: Economic Development, Fundraising, Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy

Presented in: 2006

In this second installment of an introductory course on fundraising planning, Scott Ullman of the Foundation Center delves into a case study, providing a wealth of practical information and how-tos for developing your fundraising campaign. Concrete examples, based on a successful nonprofit, illustrate both the day-to-day operations and the leadership skills needed to guide any organization towards good planning habits, successful execution, and a sustainable fundraising strategy.

An important step in developing a fundraising plan is knowing how to assess your organization’s strengths and assets in order to communicate your track record clearly. This helps attract a diversity of donors. The more diverse the funding mix, the better an organization can withstand ups and downs over the long haul. Ullman explains several ways how to keep the Board engaged, and how to make the best use of personal contacts to build interest in and loyalty to your organization.

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