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Have You Thought About Your Cultural Assets Lately?

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Presenter: Marsha L. Semmel

Subject: Community Building, Community Resources & Cultural Assets, Cross-Sector Collaboration, Education, Museums & Libraries, Social Entrepreneurship

Presented in: 2010

Talk about infrastructure!! There are more than 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums in US communities. You’re a social entrepreneur effecting positive community change. Cultural institutions, like museums and libraries, are great partners. Whether the issue is workforce development, early learning, climate change, digital inclusion, immigration, childhood obesity, or the global knowledge economy – there are innovative libraries and museums taking up the cause and making a difference. During this session you will hear about current examples and  explore connections between community change and the work of libraries: public, school and academic and museums: art, history, sci-tech, children’s, zoos and botanical gardens.