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Doing Pro Bono Right

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Presenter: Anne Diaz, Joel Bashevkin, Natasha Matusova

Subject: Economic Development, Fundraising, Nonprofit Management

Presented in: 2010

How can we make the most of our limited resources without further overworking ourselves? Pro bono can be an answer. This workshop assesses the unique challenges facing organizations, and helps brainstorm ways to meet them in a low-to-no-cost way. Pro bono consultants can significantly expand your organization’s capacity, improve your programs, and lead to better funding, but only if you are prepared to do it right – something the Taproot Foundation knows from experience. Having completed over 1,000 pro bono projects to date, this discussion is an opportunity to learn from and apply Taproot’s best practices. Takeaways include tools to create internal buy-in, scope projects, reach out to potential pro bono consultants, and other resources.