Campfire Conversation: “The New Normal” with Aimee Allison | Craigslist Foundation

Campfire Conversation: “The New Normal” with Aimee Allison

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Presenter: Aimee Allison

Subject: Civic Engagement, Community Building, Community Resources & Cultural Assets, Leadership

Presented in: 2011

In Craigslist Foundation’s inaugural Campfire Conversation, Aimee Allison, founder of Oakland Seen and keynote of the 2011 Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp, joined more than a dozen participants in a discussion about community.

Following on her keynote topic, “The New Normal”, Aimee addressed callers’ questions about how best to engage with community members, collaborate across organizations and identify people in their neighborhoods and towns who are connectors and changemakers.

Listen to the podcast of the call discussion, and read along with the Campfire Conversation notes that were crowdsourced by participants.