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Victoria Fine

Presenter: Victoria Fine

The editors of online news portals scour the web seeking leads and stories to publish every day. Victoria Fine, Causecast managing editor, discusses how editors look for content and how you can increase the chances of your story getting their attention. Learn what types of content and media you should have publicly available, to outline concrete next steps to make your content easier to find and generally more appealing to editors of cause-based news outlets, and understand of how publishers choose stories and news.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee welcomes 2011 Boot Camp participants.


Presenter: Aimee Allison, Chris Gates, Craig Newmark, Ed Everett, Lucy Bernholz

Panelists discuss the trends, issues, emerging opportunities and challenges of being a community leader. Each address two key questions: * What’s the one most significant thing you have come away with from today? * What’s your advice to boot campers going forward?


Presenter: Craig Newmark, Lucy Bernholz, Perla Ni

We have more options than ever about how to give our money, our time, and our wisdom. How can we make more informed decisions about the organizations that work on the issues we care about. How can we learn from experts and crowds and use both data and relationships to improve our own work and our communities? How can each of us take you from “success to significance” and make a greater contribution to the public good?


Presenter: Charlotte Hill, Matt Silva

Digital storytelling and social media have taken the communications world by storm. Bay Area nonprofit EARN has harnessed these innovative tools to transform and bolster their communications and outreach efforts. EARN leaders walk through their best practices, powering your communications strategy and building your network in the process. Learn to articulate the importance of storytelling and social media to key organizational decision-makers, begin building a story database and social media presence for your organization and create a strategic communications timeline around an upcoming moment of opportunism.


Presenter: Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Nicci Noble

You dream of a strong, vibrant community and have a sense of how to make it real. But how can you rally the funds you need to connect your vision to action? Join us as we move past conceptual theories and concepts into the practical, tactical solutions that can and will help you get dollars in the door. Learn concrete tips and tools for individual giving, foundation grants, corporate sponsorship, earned income, and online and peer-to-peer campaigns.

Aimee headshot

Presenter: Aimee Allison

Aimee Allison, former host of KPFA Morning Program and founder of OaklandSeen shares her thoughts on how the “normal” way of life has been forever shifted due to three global problems swirling around us – economic inequality and decline, global warming, and the mounting costs of war and militarism.