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Board president, Homeless Children's Network

Presenter: Barbara Pantuso, Caterina Rindi, Micki Krimmel, Shelby Clark

The growing Collaborative Consumption movement is helping people cut costs, reduce their environmental impact, connect with their neighbors, and change their relationship with possessions.

Victoria Fine

Presenter: Victoria Fine

The editors of online news portals scour the web seeking leads and stories to publish every day. Victoria Fine, Causecast managing editor, discusses how editors look for content and how you can increase the chances of your story getting their attention. Learn what types of content and media you should have publicly available, to outline concrete next steps to make your content easier to find and generally more appealing to editors of cause-based news outlets, and understand of how publishers choose stories and news.

Ed Everett

Presenter: Ed Everett

In today’s environment the public and government most often are at odds with each other. However, the current economic realities combined with the complex problems we face means separation between citizens, business and local government is a major liability for all players. Partnering between the public, business and local government is not an “interesting concept” or “nice vision,” but rather an essential reality we must achieve.


Presenter: Craig Newmark, Lucy Bernholz, Perla Ni

We have more options than ever about how to give our money, our time, and our wisdom. How can we make more informed decisions about the organizations that work on the issues we care about. How can we learn from experts and crowds and use both data and relationships to improve our own work and our communities? How can each of us take you from “success to significance” and make a greater contribution to the public good?


Presenter: Charlotte Hill, Matt Silva

Digital storytelling and social media have taken the communications world by storm. Bay Area nonprofit EARN has harnessed these innovative tools to transform and bolster their communications and outreach efforts. EARN leaders walk through their best practices, powering your communications strategy and building your network in the process. Learn to articulate the importance of storytelling and social media to key organizational decision-makers, begin building a story database and social media presence for your organization and create a strategic communications timeline around an upcoming moment of opportunism.


Presenter: Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Nicci Noble

You dream of a strong, vibrant community and have a sense of how to make it real. But how can you rally the funds you need to connect your vision to action? Join us as we move past conceptual theories and concepts into the practical, tactical solutions that can and will help you get dollars in the door. Learn concrete tips and tools for individual giving, foundation grants, corporate sponsorship, earned income, and online and peer-to-peer campaigns.

Aimee headshot

Presenter: Aimee Allison

Aimee Allison, former host of KPFA Morning Program and founder of OaklandSeen shares her thoughts on how the “normal” way of life has been forever shifted due to three global problems swirling around us – economic inequality and decline, global warming, and the mounting costs of war and militarism.


Presenter: Arthur Coddington, Leo Romero, Peggy Duvette

We want to get the job done right now. Immediately. Now as in last week. But what if someone already figured out a great roadmap for success? This interactive session explores resources for discovering and sharing best practices, including the politics of hoarding or sharing best practices.


Presenter: Hanmin Liu

This session discusses the lessons to be learned from the diverse communities in America, and the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging, meaning, and place in every community.


Presenter: Kary Schulman, Regina Miranda

This lively discussion describes the unique role of the artist as public figure, relaying stories and strategies to make best use of this often under-utilized community resource.

conley_chip approved_2_blo copy

Presenter: Chip Conley

Chip shares his remarkable personal story and offers perspectives on how we connect our businesses, our social initiatives, and our daily lives to our unique communities.


Presenter: Kay Sprinkel Grace

Through collaborations and informal partnerships, and by learning to speak about our larger mission and not just about our organization, we can inspire much greater community investment from a much wider constituency. Join a provocative and interactive session that guarantees to give you a new perspective on your true mission and how to engage donor-investors at all levels.


Presenter: Anne Diaz, Joel Bashevkin, Natasha Matusova

This workshop assesses the unique challenges facing organizations, and helps brainstorm ways to meet them in a low-to-no-cost way.


Presenter: Meredith Walters, Nora Silver, Peggy Duvette

This panel discusses strategies to inspire and build and encourage collaboration between social entrepreneurs, discussing how web tools, leadership programs and collision rich co-working spaces can encourage alliance and knowledge share, and further the principle that we do indeed work better together.


Presenter: Mary Voelbel, Olivia Byler

The presenter highlights the work of Refugee Transitions and Upwardly Global, local non-profit education and employment providers, and shares the story of successfully resettled refugees in the Bay Area.


Presenter: Ben Rigby, Diane Sanchez, Joe Cullinane, Lucy Bernholz

A look at how individuals and institutions are finding new and innovative ways to give both time and money in communities.


Presenter: Marsha L. Semmel

During this session you will hear about current examples of cultural institutions making a difference, and explore connections between community change and the work of libraries: public, school and academic and museums: art, history, sci-tech, children’s, zoos and botanical gardens.


Presenter: Gerald Eisman

Tom Ehrlich discusses how colleges and universities can equip students with the understanding, motivation, and skills of responsible and effective citizenship, and how communities and nonprofit organizations can benefit from neighboring institutions of higher education to promote their civic goals.


Presenter: Eva Martinez, Geoff Link, Jen Gilomen, Whitney Wilcox

This panel of active community journalists offers an overview on trends affecting community and ethnic news media, and discuss how “hyper local” community and nonprofit media are changing the journalistic landscape for good.

gallop_cindy_ok to crop

Presenter: Cindy Gallop is a simple, playful platform that harnesses good intentions and downloads them into tangible, do-able Microactions that anyone and everyone can do. This session discusses how this pro-active, incremental approach to change can yield results much greater than the sum of their parts.


Presenter: José Cisneros, José Quiñonez

In this session, panelists discuss effective strategies for increasing access to the financial mainstream by undeserved communities, and the implications these approaches have for local and national policy.


Presenter: Dr. Gretchen Van Der Veer, Lori Jean Mantooth

This session explores tools to help you turn ideas for change into impactful projects that solve problems, build community, and fulfill lives.


Presenter: Rubén Lizardo

Led by PolicyLink Associate Director Rubén Lizardo this workshop gave BootCamp participants the opportunity to share and discuss strategies for community building and leadership in neighborhoods and cities that are experiencing rapid demographic change.


Presenter: Maikhanh Nguyen, Neal Patel, Peggy Duvette, Sudeep Motupalli Rao

This panel presents several community leaders who have taken just such steps to revitalize and green their neighborhoods, and will offer case studies of successful change and tips on kick starting community growth in your area.


Presenter: Arcelia Hurtado, Lateefah Simon, Merle Lawrence

In this session, Pioneers in Justice leaders share their stories, emerging ideas and innovative approaches to collaborations and cross-issue work as well as social media and communications tools.


Presenter: Karen Kidwell, Phil Ginsburg

In order to sustain our public space and maintain a high quality of urban life, we need to consider new options to grow revenue from both private and public sources, and engage a new generation of volunteers concerned with enhancing community health and beauty.


Presenter: Jessica Dally

This participatory session will teach you how implementing community change for free is not only possible but also extremely rewarding and even fun.


Presenter: Barbara Finnin, Barbara Wenger, Daniel Homsey, Mohammed Nuru, Suzi Palladino

This panel discusses the educational, health and aesthetic benefits of school and community gardens.


Presenter: Gail Jara, Janie Holland, Kristin Leimkuhler, Mollie Hazen

Three neighborhood activists share their experiences and challenges in Oakland, El Cerrito, Berkeley and Richmond in a journey to build stronger neighborhood organizations using both Internet and front stoop strategies.

Presenter: Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen discusses his study, "And the Winner Is..." which explores and documents the ways in which governments and philanthropists employ prizes to produce social benefit and drive innovation.


Presenter: Daniel Hurtado

Learn how San Francisco's Community Benefit Districts work together with service organizations, government, and local businesses to transform and enhance neighborhoods while enriching the experience of all stakeholders.


Presenter: Beth Kanter

Social media has broken free from the marketing communications and fundraising silos, changing the way nonprofits deliver programs, lead, manage, and even govern. This session will take a look at these trends and how organizations can equip themselves to be fully networked.

Presenter: Robert O'Neill, Jr.

This session explores how to effectively engage with local government officials to create change in your community -- not just with elected officials, but with senior appointed officials and line staff.


Presenter: Lily Kanter

This session discusses fun and educational ways to engage children and families in transforming their community.