See what others have to say about Boot Camp:

“I loved seeing like-minded people and organizations come together to connect and share stories of community building! Boot Camp is an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate and inspire one another to strengthen communities and neighborhoods.”
- Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief, Huffington Post

“Boot Camp was inspiring and gave me a much-needed recharge.”
- Amy Brown, deputy city administrator, City and County of San Francisco

“Inspirational – [Boot Camp is] a tremendously exciting opportunity to meet, learn and be inspired to learn more and do more for communities wherever you come from and whatever business or nonprofit you are involved in.”
- Christine Maxwell, president, Research on Demand Inc

“Think about a Facebook page where all your friends are important, inspirational, interesting people. Now imagine that your page is actually a party and all those people are there…this is Boot Camp!”
- Cynthia Foss, development director, Nature in the City

“Boot Camp was an amazing experience for me. I attended as a speaker, and left as a convert. The spirit of people I met there, and the spirit that they created together, is the juice that will help us create the kind of society we all want. It was like a civic revival. Good speakers (those other than me!), great sessions, lively conversations — and hands on skills and ideas you can take home to be the change. Get to the Boot Camp if you can.”
- Rich Harwood, founder and president, The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation

“Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp is an excellent place to get inspired about community work in the Bay Area and beyond. It may also give you a few outside-the-box strategies to jumpstart your organization!”
- Kerry Vineberg, communications/development officer, WiserEarth

“I had the opportunity to speak at Boot Camp last year about my book, The Charismatic Organization, which describes how to build social capital to achieve powerful results. I had not been to the Boot Camp before, and I have to say that the Boot Camp followed the Charismatic Organization principles to the letter – it is a transformational convening where the information you glean is multiplied by the people you meet. At a time when the future seems uncertain for nonprofits everywhere, the Boot Camp offers hope to us all! Don’t miss it.”
- Shirley Sagawa, principal, sagawa/jospin

“Boot Camp, from beginning to end, was absolutely inspirational. I met so many wonderful people doing truly amazing things. As a local government manager, I loved being able to see first hand the creativity and passion that fuels how people invest in their communities. Events like these remind me why I do what I do…and that I love what I do!”
- Karen Pinkos, Assistant City Manager, City of El Cerrito

“Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp far surpassed my expectations in terms of inspiring me and empowering me with practical skills and knowledge!”
- Zorami Samuelson, CFO, Mizo Tribe Corporation

“Boot Camp gives you a place to feel connected to people who are struggling with the same issues – how to improve communities, systems and the world.”
- Liz La Porte, media producer/educator

“If you’re in social enterprise, you’d be an idiot to miss this event.”
- Prashant Samant, interim executive director, GiveChange

“As a first year CEO in 2009, the Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp gave me the chance to meet many colleagues and fellow social entrepreneurs who are catalyzing significant changes across the country. Exchanging ideas and aspirations with many of them was inspiring. As a presenter, it was also a meaningful opportunity to share the Experience Corps story and to get insightful feedback that made our program even stronger.”
- Lester Strong, CEO, ExperienceCorps

“This was a day well spent! I learned from all the speakers and breakouts. I met interesting people at the breaks and everyone just seemed to share the buzz. It was informational and inspirational.”
- Gail Wadsworth, executive director, California Institute for Rural Studies

“The Boot Camp was a fantastic opportunity to network and get inspired by a broad range of nonprofits, community groups and civic leaders – I left exhausted but inspired and motivated to make moves on connections I had made that day!”
- Valerie Coleman, outreach manager, Rebuilding Together San Francisco

“Before attending Boot Camp, I had a rather stand-offish attitude about the relevance and utility of social media tools. I came away with a better understanding of how it’s done well, when it’s effective, and why it’s useful.”
- Mary Pezzuto, content developer/education advocate.

“You’ll never feel like you wasted your money at Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp. They offer an amazing array of incredible speakers, panelists, vendors and workshops while including all of your food too in a really reasonable price almost anyone can afford!”
- Darby Flynn, president, Chalk it Up! To Sacramento

“Every social service organization that seeks to survive in today’s networked world should attend Boot Camp. We need to get together and this is an amazing venue for collaboration and community.”
- Elizabeth Mathern, development coordinator, Sunny Hills Services

“Boot Camp was relevant, inspirational, timely, up to date, and an exceptionally good value for the money and time spent. The sessions were professional, staff well informed, sessions punctual, and people stayed on task…Truly remarkable. These folks know what they are doing.”
- Charmaine Stouder, president, Pathways to Community

“An elevating, informative, plain fun way to learn, play, network and reflect. Celebrates and honors the hard and often undervalued work of community building.”
- Haleh Hatami, program officer, Ploughshares Fund

“Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp packs it all into a single, rich daylong experience – inspiration, coaching, networking, and learning. I keep coming back year after year and am glad every time!”
- Chris Bradshaw, founder/president, African Library Project

“In 2009 I was a presenter at the 6th Annual Boot Camp at U.C. Berkeley. As the retired city manager of Redwood City, I spoke on the topic I am most passionate about “Building Community”. Boot Camp was a great opportunity to speak to a more diverse audience. Too often city staffs attend conferences and training with other city staffs and we don’t get a chance to interact with the folks from the non-profit community and engaged citizens from cities other than our own. Boot Camp can open city staff eyes to a broader, more diverse and engaged citizenry. It was useful to get outside your comfort zone and listen to a broader and interesting discussion of Building Community from different perspectives. I personally know several of the speakers to this year’s Boot Camp and they are all interesting and provocative speakers. I would highly encourage city and county employees to attend the Boot Camp and listen to ideas, concepts and programs that you don’t usually encounter.”
- Ed Everett, senior fellow, Davenport Institute of Public Engagement and Civic Leadership

“Boot Camp inspires, connects, and educates everyone who attends! I wouldn’t miss it!”
- Bridget Holian, Annual Fund manager, Pacific Autism Center for Education

“Boot Camp was an amazing experience. It was the chance to meet with hundreds of local activists from a diverse range of organizations spread across the country and hear directly about their concern and interests. I think everyone was uplifted by the multitude of connections, insights and learnings that were generated from the day. My favorite moments were the small ones. Walking into a hall at Cal to see fifty individual coaching sessions taking place all at once. Speaking on the closing panel, fielding questions from an audience that seemed remarkably alert and engaged even after an exhausting all-day program. For people planning to attend their first CLBC, I have two suggestions: bring an open mind and lots of business cards.
- Jonathan Greenblatt, president, All For Good

“At a time when resources are so limited, Boot Camp is a great way to gather the most important resource – a network of people.”
- Gregory Peters, executive director, SF Coalition of Essential Small Schools

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