11:30 am - 12:30 pm | Sessions

Virtually Seamless: Online Networks to Offline Gatherings

Peggy Duvette, CEO, WiserEarth | Beth Kanter, principal & co-founder, Zoetica

The days of posting a paper notice on a bulletin board somewhere are mostly over; the days of virtual hubs as a jump-off point for in-person gatherings are here! With the rise of sites like Meetup.com, NetTuesday, and more, grassroots organizers are stepping up and the web is bringing visibility to local community meetups as never before. The masses are clearly hungry for connection! What is the potential for this new form of outreach — can it bring greater social good than before? Has the game changed in organizing, or are many of the rules still the same? Participants will leave with an understanding of the difference between organizing today and organizing pre-web 2.0 and will learn tips for organizing your own successful community gathering.

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