Playborhood’s Huntopoly game is a smart way to bring neighbors together!

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We recently heard of Mike Lanza and Playborhood’s Huntopoly game, an ingenious way to encourage kids and adults to play in their neighborhoods and meet their neighbors. It is such a good idea that we decided to give it it’s own blog post!

Mike was kind enough to build it out into a LikeMinded project here so that others may learn from his actions, and you can read the full story on the Playborhood blog, however here is a summary of the idea.

The game, in short, is a mixture of a scavenger hunt and monopoly, where kids and adults draw up a board sized map of their neighborhood, and visit houses in the neighborhood in accordance with the roll of a dice. If the neighbor is home, the teams are tasked to:

  1. Take a photo of the team with the resident
  2. Ask the first and last name of each resident (including pets)
  3. Ask an interesting fact about the resident(s) that they’d like neighbors to know
  4. Get 1 cup cocoa powder
  5. Get one small object from resident for driveway map
  6. Take a photo of the team’s favorite thing in yard or house
  7. Take a flower from the yard
  8. Take rock from the yard
  9. Ask how many resident(s) will attend a special Huntopoly party later that week

All residents are then invited to attend a special Huntopoly party at the end of the week, with the ingredients collected from all the house visits used to bake a cake for everyone to enjoy! Cute right?

We look forward to hear more about Playborhood and how Huntopoly develops, why not try a variation in your neighborhood and let us know how it went?




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