New Resources: “Top 10 Fundraising Tips” & “Someone’s Done That…”

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As promised, we’ll be adding new resources to our library weekly. This week we have two new Boot Camp 2011 sessions for you to discover, enjoy and learn from.

photograph by David Lim

Top Ten Fundraising Tips, led by Darian Rodriguez Heyman and Nicci Noble, was one of the most popular sessions at Boot Camp (and the slides are already a hit at!) We have video, podcast and slides of the full session available.

Someone’s Done That Already: The Best Practices of Sharing Best Practices, was presented by our own Arthur Coddington, WiserEarth’s Peggy Duvette and Leo Romero of OurBlocks. A thorough report of the Boot Camp discussion is available, and here are the observations of our Conference Publishers reporter, as well:

Community knowledge is most useful when it’s shared widely and constantly evolving, Arthur Coddington, director of online programs at the Craigslist Foundation, told a breakout session on the best practice of using best practices.

Best practices “are the result of our collective wisdom about the best way to go about things,” he said, but “they’re not the final answer. They’re always evolving,” and that process depends on organizations’ willingness to share their experience.

“If you’re keeping it as a trade secret, it’s probably not going to be a best practice, because best practices thrive through community input and sharing,” he said. “It can’t be the best unless it has the experience of the whole community. So if you’re hoarding, not participating, your systems are probably not going to be best practices, because other peoples’ solutions haven’t been added to yours.”

Peggy Duvette, CEO of Wise Earth, said there has been some controversy about how organizations share solutions, who decides what constitutes a best practice, and whether a success story can serve as a wider solution if it is only applicable in one location.

Leo Romero, Regional Manager with The John Stewart Company, said some community practitioners believe the discussion about best practices just encourages over-bureaucratization, and it might be more useful to learn from organizations’ worst practices. Session participants said funding arrangements sometimes make it hard for organizations to acknowledge projects that fall short of their objectives.

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