2:45 - 3:45 pm | Sessions

Fast Media – Harnessing the Power of Citizen Journalists to Get Your Story Out

Queena Kim, community editor, Bay Citizen | Tanya Jo Miller, co-host of Cyberfrequencies, KPCC (L.A.’s NPR affiliate)

You’ve heard it again and again: You should make a fill in the blank (video, blog, slideshow) about your event! But it seems like you’re the only person on earth who can’t figure it out. What video equipment do I need? What if I don’t have editing software? What sort of photo camera works best? Do I need to hire somebody to do this? In this workshop, we’ll teach you the art of “Fast Media” or the art of telling your story quickly using basic consumer gear (i.e. cell phones’ video cams, your sister’s digital camera), software and enlisting the help of regular folks in your organization. The emphasis will be on raw video or making videos that need little editing. You’ll also learn easy ways to use photos to tell a story if video isn’t available. The session will address ways to make media that will resonate beyond your interest group. In other words, how do you make a video that a blogger might post? How do you take pictures that might get a journalist interested? Attendees must have a digital camera or video camera to participate in this lecture (cell phones are fine!)

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