1:30 - 2:30 pm | Sessions

Conversational Leadership: Engaging Everyone’s Best

Deborah Goldblatt, World Café | Mariah Howard, World Café

In our businesses and communities, we are being called to engage in deeper conversation, cultivate space for new leadership and bring greater meaning and purpose to our individual and collective actions and activities. In this session, through deep listening practices and storytelling, we invite you to step into a learning conversation to inform our emergent collective leadership. David Whyte says “a conversational leader is one who emphasizes keen attention, self-discipline and a certain kind of artistry in engaging and communicating with others.” Why are you called to be a leader at this moment in time? How does your personal leadership experience inform what it means to be a conversational leader? What are you learning now that we can all apply? Where can we go together that we cannot go alone?

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