4:00 - 4:45 pm | Sessions

Action Labs

Action labs are group activities designed to help you take your Boot Camp experience and apply it in your world after June 2. Action lab participants will include boot campers, presenters and workshop leaders, closing panelists, and the Boot Camp team.

Through structured discussions and exercises, we’ll consider questions such as: what has inspired you, what holds you back, what opportunities for collaboration have you discovered, and what do you want to explore more.

Together we’ll capture ideas for future learning, inform the closing panel’s discussion and leave Boot Camp with a strong sense of what can be accomplished beyond the day itself.

Action Labs are a great chance to:
* share your experience and expertise with one another and meet likeminded participants
* reflect on what you are learning and experiencing at Boot Camp
* deepen connections with one another
* leave Boot Camp with a personal action plan for applying what you learn and leveraging the connections you make
* interact with Boot Camp presenters and workshop leaders, including closing panelists
* uncover stories of community transformation
* identify the community challenges that need to be explored more deeply, and those that have solutions among us

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