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Using Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy to Strengthen Neighborhoods

Posted by | March 30, 2011 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Sessions | 2 Comments

Caterina Rindi, board president, Homeless Children’s Network | Barbara Pantuso, founder and CEO, Hey Neighbor! | Micki Krimmel, founder, | Shelby Clark, founder, RelayRides

The growing Collaborative Consumption movement is helping people cut costs, reduce their environmental impact, connect with their neighbors, and change their relationship with possessions. Hear how you can strengthen your neighborhood by joining the community of sharing, swapping, renting, bartering, trading and collaborating. Participants will discover opportunities in their communities for connecting, sharing, and collaborating and will find new ways to cut back on their spending and reduce their environmental impact by utilizing shared resources.

Know Your Community: Tools for Harnessing the Diversity in America’s Changing Communities

Posted by | March 30, 2011 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Sessions | 0 Comments

Rubén Lizardo, associate director, PolicyLink

Participants will learn where to find useful information about a neighborhood, a community, a city, a region, a state. Come to know more clearly who actually lives where, their socio-economic and demographic characteristics, and how these data sets can be instructive to thinking about and planning for community development, jobs, services, civic engagement, and more.


Storytelling Skills

Posted by | March 30, 2011 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Sessions | 0 Comments

Joe Lambert, founder & director, Center for Digital Storytelling

Joe Lambert will discuss why discovering your storytelling voice is a cornerstone of your professional and personal development. Discussing the lessons of three decades of community-based storywork, he will demonstrate the power of story through prompts, exchanges, and powerful digital stories.

Rubén Lizardo

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Rubén leads equitable public investment efforts to ensure public investments in infrastructure generate community benefits. His work includes research and public education, training and technical assistance to strengthen community and civic participation in decision-making, and working with public officials to develop investment strategies and policies that further equity and economic vitality. Prior to joining PolicyLink, he was the capacity-building director of California Tomorrow, where he led advocacy, training, and technical assistance efforts to address diversity and equity issues.
Know Your Community: Tools for Harnessing the Diversity in America’s Changing Communities

Joe Lambert

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Joe founded the Center for Digital Storytelling, an international nonprofit working in story and new media. He has 30 years of experience as a community arts activist, writer, producer, media educator, and troublemaker.

Storytelling Skills

Framework and Tools for Self-Sustaining Communities

Posted by | March 30, 2011 | 10:15 - 11:15 am, Sessions | 0 Comments

Hanmin Liu, president, Wildflowers Institute

Throughout his life, Hanmin Liu has gravitated toward understanding how communities really work and how change occurs. Participants will learn about an innate resource (informal capital) that has proved essential for harnessing the strength of communities. They will learn how to identify and map the informal capital of communities. Participants will also learn about a framework for the functioning of communities in contemporary times.

Hanmin Liu

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Wildflowers Institute is a social innovation lab dedicated to understanding how communities work and to helping them be self-sustainable. Hanmin was selected to the Board of Trustees of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1996 and continues to serve on the board today. From 2003 to 2005, he was its chairman. He is a 2009 distinguished scholar in Residence, Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas, and a 2006 Purpose Prize Fellow. In 2006, the U.S. Patent Office awarded Hanmin a patent for a breakthrough technology invention that improves communications.

Framework and Tools for Self-Sustaining Communities

Governing Boards: From Good to Great

Posted by | March 23, 2011 | 10:15 - 11:15 am, Sessions | 0 Comments

Vance Yoshida, senior manager, La Piana Consulting | Lynn Luckow, president & CEO, Craigslist Foundation

Participants will learn what great boards focus on most, the differentiation between board and staff leadership roles, the partnerships they form with their chief executives around strategy formation, balancing internal and external issues, and the relentless attention to organizational impacts and audiences served.

David L. Kirp

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David is a former newspaper editor and policy consultant as well as an academic. In fifteen books and scores of articles he has tackled some of America’s biggest social problems. His involvement with government agencies and foundations – including serving on President Obama’s Transition Team — as well as his teaching and community activism, address these issues at ground level. His new book, Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming the Lives of Children examines promising policy innovations that span the first generation of children’s lives. From the beginning of his career at Harvard Graduate School of Education, children’s issues have been his passion. The Sandbox Investment: The Preschool Movement and Kids-First Politics emerged from his spending several years crisscrossing the country, crouching in pre-k classrooms and nurseries across the country and talking with experts in the field.

What Communities Can Do For Kids

Someone’s Done That Already: the Best Practice of Using Best Practices

Posted by | March 23, 2011 | 10:15 - 11:15 am, Sessions | 1 Comment

Arthur Coddington, director of online programs, Craigslist Foundation | Peggy Duvette, CEO, WiserEarth | Leo Romero, regional manager, The John Stewart Company

We want to get the job done right now. Immediately. Now as in last week. But what if someone already figured out a great roadmap for success? This interactive session will explore resources for discovering and sharing best practices. We’ll chat about the politics of hoarding or sharing best practices. And, participants will share best practice war stories, good and bad.