The Legacy of Craigslist Foundation

Earlier this year we announced that, after a decade of innovation in support of stronger nonprofits and communities in the Bay Area and nationwide, Craigslist Foundation was winding down operations, celebrating its successes, and transitioning its programs to new homes. This process is now complete, and I’m writing to share the results.

Our signature Boot Camp program, held annually for eight years, is now in the capable hands of Social Media for Nonprofits (SM4NP) and its fiscal sponsor NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network. Ritu Sharma, Executive Director, and Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Boot Camp Co-Founder and Craigslist Foundation Executive Director from 2003 to 2008, lead SM4NP, and are currently planning the return of Nonprofit Boot Camp in 2013. They will be in touch with updates, or you can contact Darian at with inquiries, or if you are interested in program sponsorship.

The Foundation’s remaining two programs, LikeMinded and Alliance Building, have been combined to form LikeMinded, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization established to carry on the work of strengthening local communities and neighborhoods. Led by me, a national collaborative is being formed with a number of the Foundation’s Alliance.

Building partners, each of which has thousands of local constituents in cities, towns, and neighborhoods across the U.S. These national organizations and the local leaders and residents they’re connected to are being engaged in designing and iterating the LikeMinded 2.0 platform to ensure its use and impact at the local level. The ultimate goal is to build or point to existing common civic infrastructure tools that make it simple and easy for likeminded people to discover one another, initiate, collaborate on, and fund projects, and take action for the public good in their local communities. If you’ve been on the Foundation’s mailing lists, you will be receiving updates from me, or you can write me at:

As we complete this transition, I want to express once again our gratitude to craigslist for ten years of generous financial support and partnership, which allowed us to work with so many of you to generate new ideas and explore alternate solutions to nonprofit and community challenges. Through its Charitable Fund, craigslist continues this tradition of investing in numerous worthy charities and causes nationwide.

On behalf of Craigslist Foundation’s staff and board members, past and present, a heartfelt thanks to YOU as well for your engagement over the years as we strived to augment the effectiveness of existing and emerging nonprofits and strengthen the fabric of local communities and neighborhoods. Because of you – pro bono presenters, program participants, sponsors, exhibitors, funders, fans, allies, volunteers – we can look back on the past decade with pride and acknowledge that, together, we made a difference. We invite you now to continue your participation through Social Media for Nonprofits, NTEN, and LikeMinded!

Warm regards,

Lynn Luckow

President & CEO, Craigslist Foundation, 2009 – 2012

Founder & CEO, LikeMinded, 2012